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Machine Readable Passport

CEMAC Biometric Passports

The validity of Cameroon Passports cannot be extended. Applicants are advised to request a renewal of their passports six (06) months before its expiry.

All requests to renew, replace or apply for a first Cameroon Passport must be made in person at the High Commission. This is in part because the process involves capturing biometric elements of each applicant including fingerprints and height.


  • Original and photocopy of Cameroon Birth Certificate.
  • Current Passport and photocopy of photo and identification pages.
  • Original and photocopy of residence permit or entry visa.

Current Cameroon National ID (CNI) and photocopy thereof, if applicable.

  • Four (04) coloured photos of 5 cm (length) x 4 cm (width), (certified by a photographer of your choosing). Photo should be taken against a white background; Full facial view with ears clearly visible; No hat, headscarf or lenses; Names of applicant must be written at the back.
  • Original of marriage certificate and photocopy (applicable to married women opting for name change).
  • Two passport application forms to be collected and filled at the High Commission.


  • Original and photocopy of transcribed Cameroon Birth Certificate.
  • Original and photocopy of Cameroonian father and/or mother passport(s).
  • Original and photocopy of resident permit, if applicable.
  • Items 5 & 7 apply.

NB: We strongly advise that parents of Cameroonian children born outside of Cameroon should request a transcription of their children’s birth certificate into a Cameroon birth certificate at the High Commission within three months of their birth.


Applications are lodged at the High Commission between 10.00am to 13.00pm, Monday to Thursday, except on bank, (public) holidays in Cameroon and England. The High Commission’s services are closed to the public on Fridays’.

  • FEES: It currently costs £160.00 in cash to apply for a passport. This includes the cost of the application, certification of supporting document and all relevant administrative costs.
      1. From the time an application is submitted, applicants must allow at least two (02) months for the completion of the process. Note that in some cases it can take five (05) months and more, for a passport to be ready for collection.
    1. Once passports are ready for collection, a list of names is published on our website to notify successful applicants to arrange collection of their new passports. Collection of passports- Monday to Thursday 10:00am -13:00pm and 15:30pm and 16:30pm strictly.
Although the biometric passport application form can only be obtained in person from the Cameroon High Commission, London, you may use the following old passport application form to fill in the relevant details which can then be transferred to the correct biometric passport application form.