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Transcription of Birth Certificates


(Cameroonian children born in the UK and the Scandinavian Region exclusively)

A formal request addressed to The High Commissioner (handwritten or typed) containing the full address in the UK or Scandinavian region, phone number, e-mail, and profession. The request letter must mention the occupation of both parents.

Supporting documentation:

  1. Copies of mother and fathers’ passports (data page only).
  2. Original and photocopy of British and/or Scandinavian region birth certificate(s).
  3. Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable).
  4. Certified letter of authorization from the non-Cameroonian parent.
  5. Registered prepaid return envelope with the address of applicant (if applicable).
  6. Fees of £20.00 in cash or postal order (made payable to Cameroon High Commission).

Minimum waiting period for the transcription of birth certificate is two (02) weeks or 14 clear days.